Hey there! I’m Jul…

I’m an ADHD-er, officially diagnosed in late 2022. Navigating the world of neurodiversity has been a journey of ups and downs. It’s exciting to finally figure out how my brain works.

But there are still days of hair-pulling and teeth-gnashing, wondering why I don’t fit into this neurotypical, stereotypical world and what I can do about it. All us will agree: Days like this are far more frequent.

I wanted to create a blog to keep track of the narratives that play to my strengths. Reminders of such experiences can motivate me and inspire individuals like me. But although there will be mentions of this here, it won’t be front and center on the The TADAH Life (THL) blog .

Instead, this blog will focus on chronicling my journey and discoveries as I work on my weaknesses. As I learn to embrace them, exist with them, and learn to manage them. It’s meant for sharing my moments of trial-and-error so you can also learn from them.

All of this to say: This isn’t a blog that will tell you the right course of action to take. 

I can’t do that for you. Each of us is built differently. Our interests, experiences, skills–all inform what strategies will work for us. 

My goal is to help you determine whether the tactics and tips you often see online or read about are worth your while.

By analyzing my successes and setbacks, you can form your own strategies. You have the ability to understand why something works and why it doesn’t and figure out the tweaks to make it better.

Neurodivergent minds are beautiful. I believe my little experiments can spark an idea in your head and motivate you to keep going on tough days, knowing you’re not alone.

Why is it called "THE TADAH LIFE"?

I live in Spain. The Spanish for ADHD is Trastorno por Déficit de Atención e Hiperactividad. Or simply TDAH. ✨It has an air of magnetism, does it not?

It sounds like something a magician will say for dramatic effect to surprise the audience. It sounds like something non-magicians say when they reveal something accomplished with flair. 

So I added an A between T and D so it doesn’t only sound like it. It is it.

The Tadah Life is about being our true selves, no matter how cheesy that sounds. More importantly, it’s about making the process of getting there a lot more pleasant. 

In THL, we’ll make something magical. But we’re not gonna be magicians. We’re not gonna pull rabbits out of a hat. Or snap our fingers and make a coin disappear.

We’re gonna put in the work. Put on our scientist hat and test things out. It’s gonna be exciting and fun, and we’re gonna fail sometimes. But that’s okay. Because we’re going to figure things out eventually.

Our ONLY goal here is to make every day count towards living our Tadah life. Let’s get to work?